Friday, April 10, 2020

Former Malaysian Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, a member of Parliament, and current chairman of the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC).

Founding Director

Abdul Razak Ahmad is a qualified legal counsel. He carried out his training in Malaysia, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Abdul Razak received the fellowship for ‘Future Leaders in Developing Countries’ programme from the East West Centre at the University of Hawaii.

Research Director

Associate Researcher 

Nazli Aziz is a senior lecturer at Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Development, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. With a PhD in political studies from the University of Auckland, he also holds master’s degrees in Political Science (Leiden University) and Southeast Asian Studies (University of Malaya). His research interests focus on the politics of governance and public policy, particularly on socio-political planning and socioeconomic development in Malaysia. Nazli has been involved in a number of teaching, research and consultancy projects at national and international levels with the government and private agencies such as ECER, Tourism Terengganu, PlanMalaysia, NAHRIM, UNESCO, WWF, NOAA etc.



Associate Researcher 

Abdillah Noh works in the area of public policy and political economy.  His current research focus is on political change. Abdillah is currently a research fellow at the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy, Murdoch University, Australia. He has also completed stints at the Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies (OXCIS), University of Oxford as the Imam Termizi Scholar and at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore as a visiting research fellow. Abdillah is currently on sabbatical leave from Universiti Tun Abdul Razak where he was the Deputy Dean at the Tun Abdul Razak School of Government. Abdillah holds a DPhil (Politics) from St Antony’s College, University of Oxford.
CHANG DA WAN (C.D. Wan), Dr.
Associate Researcher 

Chang Da Wan (C.D. Wan) is with the National Higher Education Research Institute (IPPTN), Universiti Sains Malaysia. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford in higher education and was trained as an economist at the University of Malaya and National University of Singapore. His main interests lie in higher education and economics. Chang Da has been involved in a number of research and consultancy projects with UNESCO-Bangkok, OECD, Commonwealth Tertiary Education Facility (CTEF), Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP) Research Cluster, Bait al-Amanah, IPPTN, and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, and was a Team Member of the Higher Education Strategic Plan Review Committee to review the Malaysian National Higher Education Strategic Plan.

As a passionate economist, Benedict Weerasena research interests include public finance, behavioural economics, development studies, international political economy and education policy. He has participated and presented in various conferences including 29th Wanshou Forum Beijing 2019, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute’s Johor Economic Update in Singapore 2018, Hong Kong Belt and Road Summit 2017, International Conference on Inequality Bologna Italy 2017, CIMB Young ASEAN Leaders Conference 2015 and International Conference of Contemporary Economic Issues (ICCEI) 2014. Graduating with a Bachelor of Economics degree, first class honours from University of Science, Malaysia, he is a recipient of the Conference of Rulers’ Royal Education Award and Gold Medal Award for Best Student in Economics 2015/2016. He previously worked with the National Higher Education Research Institute (IPPTN), researching on university autonomy and shadow education. During his free time, he enjoys singing, cooking, travelling and art.

Abel Benjamin Lim is an economist at Bait Al-Amanah research institute, which focuses on improving policies with regards to national issues. His scope of research includes socio-economics, public policy and higher education. He served as a research officer at Commonwealth Tertiary Eduction Facility under the purview of National Higher Education Research Institute, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Abel graduated with a master degree in economics from Universiti Sains Malaysia. Beyond the office walls, Abel is involved in a non-profit organisation which focuses on community-based arts and culture education programme.

Fariq Sazuki graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a double major of Mathematics and Economics from Wheaton College, MA, USA. He graduated with summa cum laude. He also spent one year studying Economics and Statistics in University of Oxford, UK. In 2019 Fariq became a member of the Phi Beta Kappa academic honor society and a member of the Omicron Delta Epsilon international honor society. He received the Catherine Filene Prize in Economics and Jean Mulcahy Keefe ’44 in Economics. Having studied International Baccalaureate at United World College of the Adriatic in Italy, Fariq can also speak Italian. Fariq previously worked as a teaching assistant at Wheaton College and a Mathematics private tutor before he joined Bait Al Amanah. His interests include development economics, econometrics, data analysis, and applied mathematics. Outside of work, Fariq mostly likes to read and write fictional stories.




Emylia Atika is a Bachelor of Science – Human Development graduate from Universiti Putra Malaysia. She graduated with first class honours and is also a recipient of the Conference of Rulers’ Royal Education Award 2016 and Leader of the Year 2016 Award from the Faculty of Human Ecology. She was previously attached to a Minister in the Prime Minister Department, who also served as a Member of Parliament in Sarawak under the Perdana Fellowship Programme. She is passionate about Public Policy and Governance alongside high-impact community-based projects and activities among diverse personalities.

Naziehah Nazli 

As a graduate of a multidisciplinary course of Philosophy, Law and Business (PLB), Naziehah is well equipped with knowledge of law, politics and diplomacy, which spurred her interest in International Relations and Foreign Policies. Graduated with First Class Honors, she is the recipient of the President’s Alumni Award 2019 from Universiti Utara Malaysia. During her university years, Naziehah was involved in several ASEAN Programs and landed herself an award at the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly 2018 in Jakarta. Naziehah’s research interests include domestic and foreign policies, international relations, legal research and philosophy.

Afiq Abdullah 

Abdullah Afiq Che Kamaruzaman graduated from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). He has a deep interest domestic and international politics, as well as political Islam and Malay Studies. He is also an analyst to the Johor Leader of Opposition, Datuk Ir. Hasni Mohammad. A firm believer that public policy is for all Malaysians, regardless of our differences.

Administrative Executive 
Irwan Sharkawi is the Administration Executive at Bait Al-Amanah. As a highly responsible and diligent executive, he handles the operations and maintenance of the office, develops and carries out an efficient documentation and filing system, addresses human resource matters and acts as the point of contact between out think tank and external clients. He graduated from Saito College with a diploma in Security management and has attended a 3 months practical training at Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara (Security Department).
Administrative Assistant

Nurul Adilla is the Administration Assistant at Bait Al Amanah. She assists the administration executive in sending faxes and emails. In addition to managing documents and files, sending and receiving documents for the company, she also assists our think tank in various daily operations. She also assists office colleagues with documentation, aside from storing, organizing and managing human resource information. She graduated from Cybernetics International College of Technology with a diploma in Human Resource Management and has successfully completed 3 months of practical training at Bait Al Amanah.