Friday, April 10, 2020

As an independent research institute, Bait Al Amanah holds the responsibility of conducting studies and research to provide valuable and in-depth insights regarding governance and democracy, economics, security and issues of national importance.

Objectives & Purpose

The principal purpose for which the company is incorporated are as follows: To be a non-profit research institution that helps improve policy and decision-making process through sound, independent and multidisciplinary research and analysis.

The objectives for which the Company is established are:-

  1. To be a leading think tank that provides valuable insight to national and international security, development economics and politics, governance and policy-making,
  2. To promote dialogue with leaders, thinkers and citizens and refine the key issues faced by Malaysia to develop new perspective and fresh ideas; and
  3. To share views and disseminate research findings for the benefit of the public and to establish a support base with all parties to implement new ideas in a form of practice and positive change.

Operating Model

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution empowering breakthroughs in research methodology, Bait Al Amanah employs Big Data analytics and Urban Informatics amongst other advanced approaches for research-based policy-making. With a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods, we also consult closely and consider the perspectives from various subject matter experts and professionals for the purpose of consolidating our researches to ensure that they stand unbiased. All findings and conclusions from the researches are recorded and published for public reference and as a basis for policy makers.


National & International Security Division 

Provides valuable analysis on Malaysia’s ability to preserve our physical integrity and maintain our economic and diplomatic relations with regional and international counterparts whilst enhancing our shared freedom to live in dignity on the global stage.

Politics, Governance & Public Policy Division 

Believing that good governance propels national development, this division addresses current challenges in policy-making and promotes most equitable and effective approaches, increasing societal engagement guided by principles of transparency and public integrity. Employing Big Data analytics, we propose effective policy recommendations supported by reliable empirical evidence.

Development Economics Division 

Through a multidisciplinary approach incorporating social and political factors, the Development Economics Division conducts research on promoting socioeconomic development. Supported by state-of-the art econometric techniques, we advocate efficient socioeconomic policies leading to robust and sustainable growth.


Advices & Constructive Recommendations

On a wide range of matters pertaining to strategies, policies in politics, democracy and government policies.

Leadership Training & Mentorship

Targeted at young politicians in overcoming challenges towards achieving a mature and modern democracy.


Engaging in collaborations and strategic relations with various groups such as other think tanks, political parties and non-governmental organizations (NGO) whether locally or internationally.