Johor Talent 2


Johor Talent is an initiative by the Johor State Government intended to develop human capital among graduates and final-year students through in-class training, social projects and internship with selected GLCs.

Inclusive Development Talk by Prof Abdul Razak Ahmad
5 October 2015

Inequality is a challenge of global prevalence. It is the direct result of a huge disparity in various measures of prosperity. To effectively overcome such a complex problem, time is required and so is coordination within a nation and among nations. Ultimately, it requires patience and participation from all parties.

IMG-20151019-WA0002Inclusive growth is one that is essential and it comprises of economic, sustained, and equitable growths. For a development to be inclusive, it is imperative that all groups of people receive the fair access to opportunities and also contribute to creating opportunities. A sustained development should involve a variety of economic sectors. It is not only exclusive to modern development, but places the same weight on the traditional economic sector.

The road towards achieving inclusive growth is indeed challenging. The job market needs to expand particularly for youths as it promotes sustainability and boosts the economic resilience of a country. It is high time that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) be promoted and its financial access assisted. Furthermore, a nation’s fiscal policy must enable a fair and inclusive management of public resources. In relation to that, disability rights must be completely acknowledged by the government. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) play a powerful role in becoming the intermediary between those in need and those who govern. These organizations are strong advocates of human rights and aim to reduce global poverty. Apart from that, the global deficit in infrastructure must be looked into.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills by En Mohd Daud Mat Din
25 October 2015

Johor Talent is a platform for participants to develop and enhance soft skills. As a veteran in the field of public speaking, En Mohd Daud Mat Din had shared some valuable tips and lessons through interactive activities. Each participant was required to prepare a short speech on three topics. Presentation of the speeches were then selected randomly. The session has allowed participants to familiarize themselves with the idea of public speech.

Introduction to Public Speaking by Syed Saddiq
26 October, 2015

The participants of Johor Talent were privileged to have Syed Saddiq as a guest speaker and to have been introduced to the basic rules of Public Speaking. In preparing for a public speech, the speech must have its own unique character for it to stand out among the rest. In addition, the speaker must familiarize him/herself not only with the text but also, equally important, with the crowd. Some distinctive features of public speeches were also laid out to the participants.


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